• Center for System Dynamics Research and Development

About SDC


System Dynamics Center starts from campus discussion forum. At present the primary focus of the SDC aside from being a discussion forum also conducts research and studies on policy planning, collaboration laboratory, develop the one portal repository and training center. Since 2007 the System Dynamics Center has been embracing System Dynamics experts from various universities to support Study / Research on policies based on System Dynamics approach. Not only studies but doing training in various institutions and universities.
System Dynamics Center is an institution that receives certificates directly from Powersim Software AS, as its representative in Indonesia (Powersim Indonesia) to provide training, distribution licenses, develop programs to universities and institutions in Indonesia, which require the use of the System Dynamics approach. Provision of the latest information in the "System Thingking". Use the new version tools in the application and objective analysis in a professional, proactive, creative and innovative in a variety of technical, management, planning, economic, environmental and other problem solving. Implementation of SDC has collaborated for various studies in local and central government institutions (Ministries) and Universities.

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