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BPK RI-System Dynamics For Evaluator

16 Mar Admin_Sysdyn 0 System Dynamics

Jakarta, 11 March 2020. Not long ago, on 28-30 February 2020, the System Dynamics Center (SDC) was asked to provide training to the Republic of Indonesia’s State Intelligence Agency. By reviewing various strategic studies as intelligence planning to find out state strategies. At present, March 11, 2020, SDC has also been requested by the Indonesian Supreme Audit Board (BPK-RI) to complete Education and Training on increasing the capacity of BPK RI’s human resources. The first day was filled by the Head of SDC Dr. Irman Firmansyah, M.Sc as the Speaker in providing general understanding and cases of the application of dynamic systems in Indonesia and internationally, while the following day Dr. Casnan as a resource instructor in practicing dynamic systems for participants.
In this training was specifically the system dynamics application for evaluators in evaluating past programs and country’s financial performance in the future. In practice, examines various case studies such as evaluating the performance of ministries / central and regional institutions as well as the benefits and performance of the use of funds from companies (a case study of Oil Palm in Indonesia). The evaluation scenario becomes important to control management in the long term.
One of participant from BPK RI said, “this training is very useful for us, because it can evaluate past programs and plan for future performance. Making it easier for us as evaluators and auditors to see the realization of the use of state finances “.
With the completion of this training, BPK RI will slowly begin to apply the evaluation and audit methods with a system dynamics approach.

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