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MoU UNG with SDC

26 Jun Admin_Sysdyn 0

On June 26, 2020, MoU was signed and a collaboration

Webinar System Dynamics PSL-IPB University

23 Jun Admin_Sysdyn 0

PSL-IPB University held a Webinar, the theme is "The Role

System Dynamics Covid-19 in Kendari City

22 May Admin_Sysdyn 0

System Dynamics Online Seminar "COVID-19 Kendari City: Distribution, Dynamic Model

Dies Natalis 2020, UNJ Anniversary Held National

19 May Admin_Sysdyn 0

UNJ Online Seminar. System Dynamics COVID-19: Characteristics, Projection of Ending


11 May Admin_Sysdyn 0

On May 11, 2020, the signing of the MoU and

Live Talk Show : The Power of

06 Apr Admin_Sysdyn 0

April 4, 2020, a increasing in the number of COVID-19

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