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SDC always allocates for anyone who wants to explore the System Dynamics approach. This program is especially for students, especially S2 and S3 students, both from domestic and abroad. Internship program for 2-3 months. As for the internship requirements:

1. Specialized ..... (Updating)


Guest Researcher

SDC is open collaboration to become a guest researcher both from within and outside the country research is not limited to majors and scales, can be done on a small scale or international studies with the theme of research using System Dynamics. Especially in it if SDC guests are needed to write journals or books for institutions or individuals. The research requirements of guests who joined SDC

1. Minimum S2 or S3
2. Have a minimum of 3 years research experience
3. Have an interest in national and international development issues

As for SDC guests who are used as researchers Tami can contact us at

  • +62 811 1144 234

  • admin@sysdyn.org

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