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In House Training

In the face of development developments from various aspects of the need for ability to make decisions that have been done a lot qualitatively, but currently following scientific and academic developments, the need for an analysis that can describe quantitatively and qualitatively, so that designing policies effectively and efficiently to be able to calculating the risks that will occur in the future, so that it can lead to making appropriate policies in the future by being able to embrace all stakeholder desires.

System Dynamics is a method that can describe the elements of a complex system and study the interaction between these elements, so as to solve a complex problem through a simplification of problems with system thinking (Systems Thinking).

Participants who participate in all activities are expected to:

1. Understand the concepts of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics
2. Can operate System Dynamics tools applications as one software for building models
3. Can make planning and policy models based on actual problems
4. Analyze studies to make good policies based on simulation results.
5. Test the validity of the model so that the application is more optimal
6. Can apply in deeper cases (Case Study)

Target audience:
This activity is based on the staff and employees who are in Government Agencies especially the planning (Ministries, Agencies and Regional Agencies), Academics and Researchers, NGOs, Consultants, especially staff and employees who play a role in the policy formulation process.
To achieve these objectives, these training activities can be grouped as follows:

1. Theory of system approach activities, training in the use of analytical tools
2. Practical activities make a simulation
3. Tutorial activities and exercises to understand problems and problem solving
Making a case study group as a simulation analysis material

Technical activities:
1. In carrying out the training participants must carry a laptop
2. Participant's laptops should be installed by the software that will be used, namely Powersim Constructor or Powersim Studio, if we haven't installed the software yet

1. Basic and Applied System Dynamics Training with course costs Rp. 3,000,000 per person with a minimum number of 10 participants (Academic) or 15 people (Institutions / General), conducting training for 3 days
2. The fee includes training material, technical software modules, software installation and certificates
3. Registration and number of course participants can be emailed name (along with title-for certificate), address, email, mobile number. To the address (sistemdinamik@yahoo.com)
Training Administration 1. Agree on a minimum of 2 weeks training time before implementation
2. Costs can be transferred 50% of the total number of participants for the 5-day training before implementation, the remaining 50% is completed at the venue before the training begins.

Beware of fraud in the name of System Dynamics / System Dynamics Center. There is no e-mail address and telephone number other than those listed on this website.

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